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El Mirage Salute to Veterans Event Survey

  1. Salute to Veterans.png

  2. My overall Experience at the event was good.

  3. The check-in process was timely and efficient.

  4. The route was appropriate for the distance.

  5. The running event was well organized.

  6. Kid's Zone

  7. Community and Food Vendors

  8. WHAM Interactive Art Project

  9. Desperado Band Performance (1:30 PM)

  10. Skateboard Show (2:00pm)

  11. Car Show

  12. Motorcycle Show

  13. Flashback Band Performance (3:00pm)

  14. Scholarship Awards (4:00pm)

  15. Pebble Rock Band Performance (4:30pm)

  16. Balloon Glow

  17. Behind the Badge Band (7:00 pm)

  18. Vietnam Traveling Wall

  19. Staff was prompt, reliable, and friendly.

  20. Bathrooms were clean and usable.

  21. Security was available if needed.

  22. Guest staff was knowledgeable and fully answered my questions about the area.

  23. Management was available to solve problems.

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