Internet Scam Notice from ExpressBillPay


Notification e-mail sent 10/18/2011 to all registered users of XpressBillPay:

We have received several phone calls and emails this morning, informing us of an invalid email that appears to come from Xpress Bill Pay, but it is an information phishing scheme.

The email states that your account has been limited, and asks you to fax, email, or mail an information form in order to have your account re-activated. It has a New York mailing address and fax number. We do not have any offices in New York and we would never send an email of this type.

Please!! DO NOT respond to the email, mail, or fax any personal information in response to any email of this type.

We want to assure you that your information is safe and intact with Xpress Bill Pay, and that these types of phishing emails are sent out in mass for many types of institutions. I have personally seen emails of this type appear to come from banks, and organizations that I do not have accounts with.

We appreciate your diligence, and thank those that have promptly informed us of this activity.

Keith L. Jenkins
Xpress Bill Pay