Driving Safety

No Insurance (Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility)
If the vehicle you were driving was actually insured at the time of the ticket, the Court will dismiss the citation. You must submit proof of insurance at or before the court date on your ticket.

If the vehicle you were driving was not insured at the time of the ticket, you will be subject to a fine of approximately $950, and your license or privilege to drive will be suspended for three months. In order to have the fine reduced by $700 and avoid the license suspension, you must provide:
  • A valid 6-month policy of vehicle liability insurance and,
  • A copy of your driving record for the past three years
If you have two or more violations for No Insurance in the last three years, you will not be eligible for the reduction in fine and waiver of license suspension.

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Red Light Camera

Drivers must come to a complete stop if the traffic signal is red, even if turning right. Drivers are required by law to make a complete stop before entering the intersection.

Watch the video on "How It Works."

Come to a Complete Stop
After a vehicle comes to a complete stop, the driver may then move forward, with caution, if needed to see around other stopped traffic. In doing so, the driver must be cautious of pedestrians and cross traffic. When safe, the driver may make a red turn against a red light only after stopping first.

Example of Red Light Violation
Failure to come to a complete stop could result in a citation for a red light violation. To see an example of a red light camera violation, please view the red light violation video (requires Windows Media Player).

General Payment Information
Payments can be made by mail, phone, or online. Please include your Notice of Violation or Citation number on your check or money order. Please do not mail cash. IF YOU PAY AND ADMIT THE RED LIGHT VIOLATION, THE MVD WILL ASSESS POINTS AGAINST YOUR LICENSE AND WILL REQUIRE TO YOU ATTEND TRAFFIC SURVIVAL SCHOOL TO AVOID SUSPENSION OF YOUR LICENSE.

Traffic School/Defensive Driving School
For civil traffic offenses which are moving violations, such as speeding or running a red light, you may be eligible to attend a Defensive Driving School to have one charge dismissed. If you have not attended in the last two years, and if you do not have a Commercial driver’s license, you may be eligible. If you complete the one-day, 4.5 hour class, one moving violation will be dismissed with no points against your license. You must pay the school the fee on the day you attend. If you fail to attend by the time given you by the court, the charge against you will be defaulted, a fine imposed, and your license suspended. The due date for completion of the Course is seven (7) days before the date on your Court-ordered extension, to allow the school time to report to the Court. If you complete the Course online, the due date is seven (7) days before the Court date.

School Contact Information:
To access a list of certified schools by phone, call: 1-888-334-5565
Internet Registration and Online Course: www.azdrive.com
If you have questions, email to: ddrive@courts.az.gov

Fees, Fines, & Course Costs
A defendant may complete a defensive driving course for a civil traffic offense. However, the completion of a driving safety course is not allowed for defendants holding a commercial driver's license. A defendant is required to pay the necessary costs associated with the defensive driving course. After successful completion of the safety course, the Court will dismiss the charge.

Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) Actions
MVD may take action on your license based upon your plea or conviction, including possibly suspending your license due to points or for other reasons. For red light violations, in addition to assessing points, MVD may require you to attend Traffic Survival School in order to keep your license. The Court has no control over MVD’s actions.

Your fine is due in full today, and payment may be made by cash, personal check, money order, or credit card (MC/Visa). If you are unable to pay in full today, the Court must add a $20 time-payment fee. If you do not pay your fine, your license or privilege to drive can be suspended, which may result in criminal charges if you are stopped while driving. There will also be additional collection fees and your case will go into collections, including the interception of tax returns. If you choose to pay the fine, please advise the clerk or the Judge at your arraignment.

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If you have any questions, please contact the El Mirage City Court at: 623-815-2186.